Second Annual Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography Workshop

In collaboration with YSI INETUtrecht University,Institutions for Open Societies (IOS)Centre for Complex Systems Studies (CCSS), & Collective Learning Group, MIT Media Lab

In 2018, INET, the department of Economic Geography at Utrecht University, and the Collective Learning group at MIT, organized the first international workshop on economic complexity, economic geography, and innovation. On that occasion, we had invited talks from Adam Jaffe (Brandeis), Andrea Morrison (Utrecht), Cesar A. Hidalgo (MIT), Mercedes Delgado (CBS), Pierre-Alexandre Balland (Utrecht), and Siqi Zheng (MIT). The workshop took place at MIT, and involved the participation of more than 100 students from all five continents, and from multiple academic disciplines.


in 2019, the second edition of this workshop is being organized by the department of economic geography of Utrecht University.

The workshop aims to bring together experienced researchers with young scholars in the fields of Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography to understand knowledge accumulation and spillovers through products, people and places. Those interested in interdisciplinary research, especially bridging a gap between these topics are strongly encouraged to apply. Complementary to the workshops provided there will also be young scholar presentations where the invited speakers will provide feedback in their respective relevant sessions.



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